Fourth Wave : The Copeland Collective Exhibition

In 2016, 12 local artists were marooned on Light House Island.  
The group was a mixed bag of creatives; - painters, photographers, sculptors, illustrators, poets, performance artist, potter and digital artist.  
Island life allowed space to create a new body of work.  Ideas sprung from an off grid existence, time to look, hear, watch, think and experience.  
The work of the Copeland Bird Observatory educated; and living together allowed an exchange of ideas and inspiration.  
All artists found vision in the flora, fauna and landscape of the island.  These were sketched, photographed, digitally recorded, discussed, handled, carved, painted and written about. 
The artistic “notes” returned to their studios and translated into new work.  It was soon obvious that this is an evolving journey.  
This 4th exhibition is the next wave in their creative odyssey.