Murder Mystery Night

The event will begin at 7:30pm in the Museum Café, where the scene is set and the "murder" happens.
Lord Nathaniel Reynolds, the well-respected war hero, had called for an evening reception to celebrate his retirement from the armed forces of Queen Victoria.

The venue chosen was the recently built dwelling of his good friend, the Hon. Robert Edward Ward; the beautiful surroundings of Bangor Castle. All manner of people from local society were invited to attend and a grand night seemed to be in the offing. However, before the event could get into full swing a terrible tragedy occurred; Lord Reynolds was found murdered!

He was discovered in a small, private reading room, a long black handled dagger protruding from his chest. Four suspects, all of apparent good standing, have been held for questioning. It is certain that they hold between them the answers required to solve this heinous crime.

One of them alone struck the fatal blow and is guilty of the murder of Lord Nathaniel Reynolds. For the sake of the honour of the innocent, join us and help find the killer.

Who carried out this vile deed? Why did they do it? 
You will have a chance to question the "suspects" through- out the Museum and attempt to get to the bottom of the dastardly crime. 
Each of the "suspects" will give out clues to ensure that the plot twists and turns.
A fork Supper will be provided in the Café, while you study the clues and recap on the available evidence.
The evening will conclude with each table guessing Motive and Murderer, followed by prize-giving.
The Museum isn't licensed for alcohol but you are welcome to bring your own. (No spirits please!)
Why not come in costume to add to the atmosphere?
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