Victorian & Edwardian Bangor

In a change to our previously published programme. 

We are delighted to bring you this exhibition, showcasing some of the Museum’s photographs dating from the Victorian and Edwardian Bangor, a period which marked the development of the town we know today. The town was redeveloped into a resort, removing the mills from the seafront and creating pleasure grounds.

“Amongst the many seaside resorts which abound…attracting native and foreign tourists during the summer months, this town unquestionably holds the premier position, and is by popular consent accorded the distinctive title of ‘Northern Brighton’.” The Bangor Season, 1885

Close to Belfast, with the newly expanded railway and numerous paddle steamers, Bangor also became a more desirable place to live. While there were also plenty of options of entertainment from sailing and sea bathing to regular firework displays and outdoor performances at the bandstand by the Sunken Gardens.

“Bangor exhibits, year after year, all the evidences of increasing prosperity in the enlargement and rebuilding of business premises. Newly arranged and reconstructed streets; and, more than all else, the constant and ever-increasing additions to the chastely designed, elegant villas overspreading the landscape, and occupying hill and vale and points of vantage on every side.” The Bangor Season, 1885

The Museum’s photographic collection consists of thousands of images, mostly relating to Bangor and the surrounding area. The photographs date from 1860s to present day. The Museum is currently cataloguing the collection which is a huge task. We would like to thank one of our volunteers, Kate Crane without whom this work would not be possible.